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ÖTILLÖ World Series

Originally from Sweden, Swimrun began as a drunken bet made between four friends. The challenge was simple – whoever can make it across the Stockholm archipelago faster enjoys a night of indulgence courtesy of the other team. That night, an exciting new endurance sport was born. Christened ‘ÖTILLÖ’, which means ‘island to island’ in Swedish, the sport has gone from strength to strength.

One of the toughest outdoor challenges in the world, Swimrun has established its name across the globe amongst hardened endurance enthusiasts. As the name suggests, it is a sport made of two different parts – swimming and running. It is the amphibious nature of the sport which makes it so exciting. Contestants are constantly switching between swimming and running as they race towards the finish line. They wear special water-ready clothing whilst they pound the trails allowing them to dive into the water when the time comes. What makes Swimrun unique is that contestants are tethered to their partners throughout the race, meaning they have to work together to support each other. Cooperation, understanding and team work all play significant roles in achieving success in Swimrun.

With over 400 Swimrun races worldwide every year, there are courses to suit all levels and abilities. Contestant can take part in six different World Series events which take place throughout 2018. Each race features a sprint and a long race. These competitions culminate in the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship which is set on the Stockholm archipelago, the original Swimrun track. Now in its 13th year, the Swimrun World Series continues to inspire and excite in equal measure. Discover the different challenges and get involved in a race this year.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Hvar

The first swimrun race to take place in the Mediterranean, the island of Hvar is an incredibly special destination. With the enchanting smell of rosemary wafting on the breeze and the turquoise sea beckoning you in, there is no better way to begin the Swimrun World Series. Held over the weekend 31st March – 2nd April, two races will take place. More about the race here.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Utö

The birthplace of Swimrun, it’s no surprise that the idea for the sport was conceived on Utö and its surrounding islands. Located in the southern part of the Stockholm archipelago, the island is steeped in history and home to much flora and fauna. Contestants can participate in both a sprint and/or a long race. Held at the end of May, this race takes in magical trails and beautiful open-water stretches. More about the race here. here.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Isles of Scilly

Resembling the lost world of Atlantis, it has been a dream for the team behind Swimrun to secure the Isles of Scilly as a location for a race. Situated off the south-west tip of England, these charming islands been inhabited since the Stone Age. Of the 140 islands there, only five are inhabited. Exceptional beauty and a pristine environment where the power of the ocean is never far away is exactly the kind of place for a Swimrun event. With clear, beautiful waters and golden beaches, the Swimrun World Series event this June is set to be a stunner. More about the race here.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin

Taking place in a gorgeous Swiss alpine valley, this is one of Swimrun’s most legendary locations. Situated 1,450m above sea level, contestant’s race along beautiful trails and through mountain lakes toward the finish line at Silvaplana. The first Swimrun event to be held outside of Sweden, this race takes place in July when the alpine flowers are in full bloom. More about the race here. here.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun 1000 Lakes

‘Unique races in Unique Places’ - the organisers of the Swimrun race at the Mecklenburger Seeplatte are certainly true to their motto! This glorious race through Germany’s northern lakes region is something quite special. Located just 70km from Berlin, this rural forest race involves navigating fast sand trails and crystal clear lakes. Catching the last of the autumnal weather in late October, the 1000 Lakes race involves both a World Series long race and a sprint. More about the race here here.

ÖTILLÖ World Championship

The founder’s race, this also takes place throughout the Stockholm archipeligo, where the idea for Swimrun was initially conceived. Sharing similarities with the Utö race, this intense and fearsome event is designed to really put your limits to the test. With the island of Utö as the final destination, it is a mad and heated dash to the finish line. Further information about the origin of Swimrun can be found here.