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Edelrid Swift Plus Dry Tau 8,9 mm x 60m meter Fargerik

ID: 753759

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    • Fargerik
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Spesielle egenskaper
Spesielle egenskaper
Impregnering, Midtmerket
8.9 mm
Enkelt tau, Halvtau, Dobbeltau
Utvidelse ved belastning
Utvidelse ved belastning


Edelrid Swift Plus Dry Tau 8,9 mm x 60m meter Fargerik (assorted colours)

The word’s first ever PFC-free rope that meets the UIAA Water Repellent standard. Made from high-quality recycled yarns left over from Edelrid´s production. Each batch is unique. Ropes don’t get eco-friendlier than this.

3D Lap Coil
From now on, this is a thing of the past with all EDELRID ropes! The new EDELRID 3D Lap Coil technology makes the first unwinding of the rope unnecessary. For this purpose, Edelrid has equipped its production with a new lap coiling machine that specially coils its ropes. In combination with the well thought-out packaging design, it is now child's play to start climbing with the new rope straight away, as it can be pulled out of the packaging very easily. The marking on the rope as well as the detailed description on the packaging make it even easier to pull it out, so that the rope can be used immediately without annoying twisting and warping.

Bluesign Product
Edelrid is the first rope manufacturer in the world to adapt its ropes to the strict bluesign system. The bluesign system is the strictest environmental standard for the production of textile products. It is independent, internationally recognised and based on the five principles of resource productivity, emission protection, occupational safety, water protection and consumer protection.

Pro Dry
Untreated ropes can absorb up to 50% of their own weight in water. Such ropes become extremely heavy when wet, unpleasant to handle and can freeze in cold conditions. They also lose a large part of their safety reserve. Pro Dry is a newly developed finishing process that counteracts precisely these problems. In this finishing process, the core yarns are impregnated in a first step. After the braiding process, the finished rope (core and sheath) is impregnated again. The impregnation is then thermally fixed. The result is a rope that is permanently water and dirt repellent. The ropes dry particularly quickly, hardly increase in weight when wet and do not freeze as easily in cold ambient temperatures. Due to the low water absorption of 1-2% according to the UIAA Water Repellency Test, Pro Dry ropes hardly lose any performance in wet conditions and therefore offer high safety reserves even in wet conditions.

Thermo Shield
Thermo Shield is the basic coating Edelrid uses on all its ropes to guarantee the proven suppleness of Edelrid ropes. This finish is a thermal process that perfectly matches the core and sheath yarns. Through a special heat treatment, the fibres in the rope relax and shrink out. This harmonises the sliding properties of the yarns within the rope and makes the rope supple and compact. This produces ropes that neither re-shrink nor quickly become stiff.


  • Number of falls (when used as single/half/twin rope): 5/22/22
  • Safety impact (when used as single/half/twin rope): 8.8/6.7/10.4 kN
  • dynamic elongation (when used as single/half/twin rope): 33/30/28
  • Static elongation (when used as single/half/double rope): 9.0/8.6/5.3 %.
  • comfortable handling thanks to Thermo shield treatment
  • PFC-free impregnation
  • Varmebehandlet


Tiltenkt bruk
Klatring, Isklatring, Alpinklatring, Innendørs klatring, Tradisjonell klatring, Multipitch, Sportsklatring
Enkelt tau, Halvtau, Dobbeltau
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Kernmantel konstruksjon
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EN 892, UIAA
8.9 mm
60 m
3120 g
Spesielle egenskaper:
Impregnering, Midtmerket
34 %



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